Frequently asked questions
Over the course of the last few weeks we have been helping our customers navigate through this unprecedented time we all find ourselves in. To assist your organisation even further our team have worked together to provide you with an FAQs fact sheet with answers that will hopefully assist and guide you on minimising the impacts that Covid 19 are having on your business.

Challenge Potential Business Impact, issue or risk How can SXiQ help
Are you experiencing capacity & performance issues with your Remote Access services and need assistance to address these? Covid-19 and government mandated containment measures have required businesses to significantly transform daily operations from in-office to a mandated off-site Working from Home (WFH) model. This will place significant demands on existing Remote Access solutions, which are typically not designed to support such significant numbers of staff remotely. SXiQ can provide technical resources to assist with addressing capacity issues with existing systems;

  • Rapid health checks and assessments on performance and capacity
  • Deep technical investigation of performance issues using in house and 3rd party discovery tools, specifically focused on remote access solutions
  • Implement and expansion of cloud based Remote Access platforms, from Azure and AWS
Is your current remote desktop service adequately supporting your WFH strategy? Traditional remote access solutions used by business are focused on providing access to systems typically required by remote field works only, such as Sales Teams or Executives. These systems up until now have not had the requirement to support more back office applications used by HR, Finance and other less mobile based functions. SXiQ can provide technical resources to provide services available with existing Remote Access Systems;

  • Fast track the publishing of new applications into existing Remote Access platforms such as Citrix
  • Deeply skilled security and network resources to ensure new applications being published can be connected to, both securely and with adequate network performance
Are your staff’s PCs/Laptops properly setup with all the Office 365 collaboration tools (Teams, Skype, SharePoint, Video Conferencing, Document Sharing, Identity and Security) to be productive whilst working from home? Microsoft Office 365 has a deep suite of collaboration tools designed specifically to support a mobile workforce for data sharing, messaging, voice and video communication. Despite this statistics show less than 20% of organisation have this suite of capability (Such as MS teams) enabled in their organisation.

With Office 365 suite of tools being SaaS Cloud based, they can be fully accessed via standard internet connection, without the need for WFH staff to connect to a businesses remote access solution, which might already be at capacity and performance constrained. These can significantly reduce the load on these systems, whilst enabling staff to be productive using the full suite of Office 365 collaboration tools.

SXiQ is a Gold Microsoft partner with extensive skills in the configuration and implementation of Office 365 suite of tools;

  • Licensing reviews and advice to uplift Office 365 capability for your workforce
  • Configuration of Office 365 security
  • Implementation of MS Teams
  • Setup and review Azure AD integration for access and authentication
  • Setup MS Teams dial-in numbers and Conference Call configuration
  • Setup MS Teams calendar integration
Do you need additional support in monitoring or managing your internal IT systems either during business hours or 24×7? The COVID-19 situation can result in reduced IT support resources due to absenteeism, but more critically around the influx of significantly more demand on your internal resources for IT support.

As organisations move their limited IT resources to front line activities specific to WFH requirements, the risk of daily administration and support activities can be forgotten, creating greater risk of outage further down the line.

SXiQ is a Cloud MSP able to provide remote support for business IT systems whether in cloud (Azure and AWS) or also traditional on-premise infrastructure.

  • We can provide 24×7 support for customers on Azure and AWS tenancies.
  • As a Partner of DataDog Cloud monitoring tools, we can also provide an extended 90 day trial period for all DataDog licensing for AWS and Azure environments. DataDog can be rapidly deployed within one day and provide immediate eye on glass monitoring of all or specifically business critical systems
  • We have highly skilled operational and project resources we can provide Level 3/4 incident response support for your environment when needed, as an added insurance policy. This can be useful in specific incident situation including but not limited to:
  • Virus outbreak or remediation
  • Level 3 & 4 incident resolution
  • Deep technical problem investigation
  • Security assessments and advice
  • VMware, Azure and AWS deployment / change activities
Are you struggling with corporate compliance to ensure staff are informed about WFH policies?

Are your processes cumbersome & time consuming now people are working remotely?

Are you able to quickly enact automated policy agreements and changes with your people?

Transitioning an organisation to a 100% Working from Home (WFH) model is very challenging logistically and can create several challenges around maintaining delivery of existing services, especially if these services are under load with greater demand due to the current situations.

Organisations still need to maintain a level of corporate compliance to employee health, wellbeing and safety whilst adopting a WFH model. This can be extremely challenging to implement using traditional approaches, resulting in a business being exposed to future OH&S risks or consequences.

SXiQ’s digital practice specialise in Business Process Automation, focusing on Microsoft and Nintex tools. Automation through rapid workflow and forms development can provide a mechanism to significantly help with these compliance requirements:

  • Develop Working from Home checklists and acceptance forms
  • Development of Working from Home equipment request forms or expense approval forms if staff need to urgently purchase home equipment
  • Development of forms and workflows to accelerate existing paper based processes that may be challenging to execute in a WFH situation and can be automated
Is your Intranet and Instant Messaging in a state to effectively deliver regular, rapid and relevant corporate communications to your team? Organisations’ intranet can often be neglected over time and provide only basic static content not suited to WFH corporate communication.
The static nature of these platforms do not make them suitable for more dynamic and real time communication with 100’s or 1000’s of staff all in WFH models.Ability for businesses to have assurance their staff are updated on the latest advice can be challenging, with staff needing a central location they know the most recent advice can be easily obtained and not a history of email notifications that can cause confusion.
SXiQ Digital are Office 365 experts who can provide a range of solutions rapidly to enable more modern instant communication capacity:

  • Office SharePoint Intranet Sites for emergency COVID-19 virus updates using pre-defined templates. These can be accessed anywhere via standard intranet
  • Setup of MS Teams for all staff communication and notifications
  • SharePoint content authoring to help teams create and design new pages rapidly
  • Communication planning across organisations leveraging of Digital and Marketing teams
Is your data and document management system secure and security monitored 24×7? Business data is traditionally stored within corporate Data centres either on-premise or in cloud providers. The significant shift to WFH practices will result in a shift in data store practices by the remote WFH, potentially in a semi-controlled or uncontrolled manner.

This can present Data Information security risks:

  • Data Protection against loss due to device failure
  • Data Security to ensure data stored locally on WFH staff devices is secure
  • Data Access due to WFH staff become infected by COVID and no longer able to provide access to the latest data stored on their systems
SXiQ security team are well placed to help businesses address these security challenges. In conjunction with our Data Protection partners we are able to:

  • Rapidly implement remote device data protection and backup solutions to employee devices, leveraging a free 6 month zero cost trial license model
  • Create secure data vaults on remote devices to encrypt locally stored data
  • Implement policies on local devices as to where documents can be locally saved
  • Integrate into existing Active Directory authentication systems to ensure data is only access by employees, regardless of the shared devices that could be used
  • Provide remote data wipe capability in the event of device loss
  • Provide remote access capability in the event of WFH staff unable to provide the data due to illness
  • Provide scheduled data backup and restore capability to ensure offsite data being stored locally can be recovered
  • Backup of Office 365 repositories to all personal and shared data to be instantly restored, beyond typical Microsoft protection mechanisms