Cloud Modernisation

We leverage cloud native services to reimagine and modernise how your business applications are hosted and supported to support greater organisational agility and operational efficiency.

Cloud Enablement

Whether it’s one or one thousand we have the experience and technical team to support your rapid transition to modern cloud services. We are able to support your organisation to develop a cloud strategy, perform readiness assessments, establish your cloud tenancy, workload migration and transform operations using modern DevOps tools and practices.

Application Modernisation

Migrating to the cloud is more than just moving workloads restricted by legacy architectures. Real transformation and agility are achieved by reimagining applications using all of the available cloud-native services. Undergoing at least one modernisation cycle for your application, during or after migration, ensures the inherent advantages of the cloud is maximised.

Cost Optimisation

With cloud comes constant release of new services and platforms used to support your business applications, requiring constant evolution of your architecture to ensure your costs are continuously optimised. Our Cost Optimisation Squads are focused on delivering rapid savings to the business, whilst building internal capability to ensure savings are sustained into the future.

Edge Content Delivery

The digital economy is enabling businesses of all size to think and go global with your brand or storefront. Delivering this content reliably and securely is critical to ensure a positive customer experience. SXiQ is able to address these challenges leveraging the power of AWS cloud-native services such as CloudFront, WAF,  Lambda and Shield, combined with our Managed Service Support Team to provide a
complete solution irrespective of scale and significantly lower total cost of ownership when compared to alternative SaaS solutions.

Database Transformation

A dedicated capability within our Application Modernisation service we can help businesses leverage the significant cost savings, operational efficiency, agility and resilience now achievable with Cloud Native Databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and AuroaDB, compared to more traditional commercial products. Our unique methodology help businesses navigate this database transformation journey starting with our rapid business case validation, through to design, migration and  system testing.