Cloud & Technology Implementation

Repeatable and controlled project services for transitions or changes in a business.

Cloud Migration Services

Making the decision to move to either a public or private cloud often presents technical and business challenges which require effective management.  With our mature methodology and deep technical capabilities across a range of providers, SXiQ provides expertise to help on this journey.

We can assist with:

  • Selection of cloud providers to best align to your business requirements
  • Application readiness assessments
  • Initial workload sizing
  • Design and implementation of dedicated cloud connections
  • Workload and data migration; from common hypervisors such as VMware and Hyper V
  • Post-migration workload optimisation

Implementation Services

With over 35 years providing hardware and software solutions, SXiQ has extensive implementation capabilities to ensure IT projects are delivered with minimal disruption to your business and maximum benefit to your stakeholders.

We can support your business with:

  • Project planning, budgeting, scheduling and management of infrastructure projects
  • Design, build and implementation of on-premise or datacentre infrastructure platforms
  • Backup design, implementation, replication & disaster recovery solutions to support business continuity plans
  • Network deployment and implementation of LAN and WiFi solutions
  • Upgrade of firewall infrastructure to next generation architecture
  • Hardware refresh – PC, server, storage and/or network technologies
  • Software currency and upgrade programs

Vulnerability Assessments

Your organisation and its valuable information is continually exposed to threats, despite the proactive security actions and expensive protective controls you may have implemented.  While there are many essential components of network security, the most fundamental is proactive vulnerability management. SXiQ offers a package of tailored vulnerability assessment and management services which provide access to our significant experience and expert advice. These services can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your organisation.

Our services include:

  • A one time assessment and report on the vulnerabilities within your network
  • A similar, regularly repeated vulnerability assessment at intervals nominated by you
  • A fully managed vulnerability management service

BCP/DR Testing

Businesses need to develop effective contingency plans to manage unplanned events that may impact performance. Operational downtime can cost “big money” and reputation.  Business continuity management, a significant element of risk management, is intended to:

  • Ensure the health and safety of the public and your employees
  • Protect revenue steams
  • Protect the reputation and legal standing of the enterprise
  • Minimise the costs associated with repair and recovery from damage
  • Maintain and grow services in line with the organsiations plans

The key benefits of a well-structured business continuity management program include:

  • Improved productivity; developing an understanding of business activities that MUST be conducted and identification of the critical assets required to conduct operations
  • Enhanced security; developing an understanding of the risks that threaten assets and activities
  • Determination of the recovery time for the critical assets, including ICT systems
  • Effective recovery procedures in the event of failure of an asset
  • Enhanced corporate governance
  • Ensuring information and critical business applications are not lost or offilne