Cyber Security

Repeatable and controlled project services for transitions or changes in a business.

Security Advisory

Business needs to move at speed is more relevant now than at any time in the past, with technology being a key catalyst for this, creating new ways a business can engage with existing and new customers.  Doing this securely is critical for maintaining regulator compliance and is where our Security Advisory Services can help businesses of any size.  We are able to provide short term or ongoing advisory services as a CISO (Chief Information and Security Officier) to;

  • Develop and maintain security policies and build training and awareness mechanisms
  • Provide compliance assessment of existing or new initiatives against
  • Be an ongoing advisor to senior management around Secure Risk and Governance


Managing and Monitoring your security landscape needs suitably skills technical staff that understands the platforms but more importantly has the capability to rapidly identify security threats and put mitigation mechanisms in place.


With cloud comes the constant release of new services and platforms used to support your business applications, requiring constant evolution of your architecture to ensure your costs are continuously optimised. Our Cost Optimisation Squads are focused on delivering rapid savings to the business, whilst building internal capability to ensure savings are sustained into the future.