Application services

Teams today require more open collaborative technologies, where they can easily interact and work with one another, and they want the option to work remotely, anywhere, at any time and on any device.

Teamwork Reimagined - We help you empower your teams, unleashing their potential through smarter tools & solutions.


Application Migration
We support our customers to Plan, Design and Implement strategies to migrate their applications in a repeatable and scalable manner using the 6R’s methodology. We conduct Deep Application & Portfolio mapping to identify application dependencies, integrations and dataflows to allow safe, rapid, tranche by tranche migrations of your key applications.

Our capability includes:

  • Rehosting
  • Refactoring
  • Re-architecting
  • Re-platforming
  • Retiring and/or Replacing

Application Modernisation
We modernise legacy applications to achieve greater agility and efficiency using cloud-native services and patterns built on our 6R discovery, assessment and implementation framework. Our modernisation specialists help IT leaders create lean application stacks which are highly elastic, highly available, scalable and cost-efficient.

Our capability includes:

  • Application Discovery & Assessment
  • Business rules mining
  • Application Architecture
  • Application Integration
  • Application Testing
  • Application Remediation services


Intelligent Automation
Businesses today are saturated with compliance requirements that mean employees are often working just as much on internal activities as they are directly with your customers. This often referred to red tape can stifle employee creatively and job satisfaction.

At SXiQ we believe automation can improve efficiency and productivity in many ways and self-learning processes can help you empower employees to push the boundaries of automation further, strengthening customer relationships and opening new ways to innovate.

SXiQ partner with Nintex and Microsoft to deliver high-value, intelligent Business Process Automation (BPA) and Robotics Process Automation (RPA) capability.

Our approach involves:

  • Consultative Business Process mapping services to work collaboratively with your teams to rapidly identify, map and optimise business processes.
  • Develop business cases for process automation, identify quick wins and Return on Investment (ROI).
  • End to End automation of common business processes, such as staff onboarding, time sheeting, expense tracking and automation of business processes across multiple cloud-based core systems.
  • Analytics around processes and workflows to ensure ROI on newly automated processes
  • Enabling internal capability to empower champions in your business is rapidly and efficiently identify process improvements and development of workflows, without code.


Intelligent Workplace
The modern workplace is evolving at lightning speed, with distributed teams, brand-new business models, flexible working arrangements and complex identity and security issues.  We take an employee centric view in understanding existing processes and simplifying them into amazing digital employee experiences. We use the power of social interaction for company-wide support, sharing and collective brainstorming. Whether you’re designing and deploying new solutions or integrating and migrating existing ones to the cloud, our team brings a wealth of knowledge from a diverse and broad range of industries, leveraging design thinking and Human-Centered Design to ensure your solution is the right one.

Our approach involves:

  • Persona and Design Thinking driven workspaces to provide employees with the most relevant information needed to perform their job function;
  • Virtual Assistants to drive productivity and simplify common business processes, to ensure compliance, whilst enabling teams to focus on the customer and not internal processes;
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning functions to tailor relevant business information to your employees based on usage patterns.

Intelligent Collaboration
Our Intelligent Workplace starts with a Microsoft Office365 environment but goes beyond the traditional lift and shift of your traditional collaboration suites, to deliver real transformational change for your business.

Our approach involves:

  • A lifecycle approach to efficiently provision collaboration services to your employees and external partners from cradle to grave to provide a consistent user experience and maintain optimal software licensing subscription levels
  • Ensuring Governance and Security best practice in Microsoft Office 365 and Teams
  • Business Data Management strategies to help organisations maintain relevant business information that can be distributed across hundreds of collaborative workspaces
  • Organisation Change programs to communicate and empower employees to adopt new and more efficient ways of working
  • Licensing optimisation to align business requirements and employee job functions to optimal licensing strategies

Intelligent Portals
Developing an intelligent workplace that meets your needs today while remaining relevant as business needs change can be time consuming and expensive. Employees need information that is relevant to them and their job function, helping them achieve higher performance. This is where SXiQ comes in, leveraging leading industry technology platforms to build incredible digital employee experiences by enabling a “Single Pane of Glass” (dashboard) that is personalised for the individual, department or team. This reduces the need to jump between systems to complete actions and can be used from any device, anywhere. We call it the Intelligent Hub.

Our approach involves:

  • Design-Thinking workshops to enable business to rapidly image what an Intelligent Hub could mean for them;
  • PoC and MVP development to validate and showcase alternative collaboration strategies, using Intranets, Bots, Process Workflows, Teams, ML and AI.
  • Development of short, medium- and longer-term strategies and roadmaps to modernise employee collaboration
  • Persona Driven workspaces to provide employees with the most relevant information needed to perform their job function;