Migrate & Modernise

Optimise your migration and continually innovate with services that allow you leverage the best of cloud.

Organisations today are under greater pressure to innovate and adapt to keep pace with their competitors’
capabilities and their customers’ expectations. By modernising your apps and platforms, you gain
speedy access to data and insights.

SXiQ’s cloud migration services include a broad range of techniques, ranging from rehost, replatform,
refactor, and rearchitect, to support organisations with meeting their business objectives and maximising
the power of cloud.

We can modernise your legacy applications using cloud-native services and patterns to enhance your applications availability,
scalability, and performance, with a deep focus on automation.

The SXiQ framework is focused on unlocking Cloud Business value through moving and modernising workloads but also
enabling customers to become world class cloud operations teams.

Migration ^Factory

Establishing the industrialised tools, templates and processes to migrate your workloads at scale using the 6R migration methodology.

Migration ^(6R’s)

Adopting the 6R’s methodology to migrate workloads to the cloud platform of your choice based on business requirements.

VMWare to Cloud Migration

Migration of workloads on existing on-premise VMWare platforms to cloud to accelerate cloud adoption and simplify future operational changes to existing processes.

Application ^Modernisation

We modernise legacy applications to achieve greater agility and efficiency using
cloud-native services and patterns built on our 6R discovery, assessment and implementation framework.

Platform ^Modernisation

Modernise legacy workloads, architecture, or infrastructure to ensure that they are optimised for operating in cloud environments.

Office 365 Tenancy ^Mergers

Combining and merging Office 365 Tenancies into single instances for organisational consolidation and optimisation.

Our capability includes:

  • Full Datacentre Migrations and Evacuations

  • End of Support (EOS) Microsoft Windows 2008 and SQL 2008 Migrations

  • VMWare on AWS or Azure

  • Cloud Microservices Development

  • Cloud Native adoption

  • Containerisation strategy development and platform selection

  • Containerisation readiness assessment and cost benefit analysis

  • Containerisation of applications and workloads

  • Serverless Compute

  • Application Specific Migrations such as SAP

  • Environment Migrations such as Dev and Test

  • Disaster Recovery Migrations (DRaaS)

  • Auto-Scaling

  • CI/CD Pipeline creation

  • Cloud Content Distribution

  • Datalake / Datawarehouse design and implementation

  • Migration to Managed PaaS Database platforms (Proprietary and OpenSource)

Our cloud migration ^framework

Unlocking sustained business value from cloud is a journey each organisation must travel through to truly transform their organisation and ways of thinking.

Our six migration principles help ensure we deliver transformational, ongoing value to our customers.


Design with the end in mind, ensuring automated, cloud-native, secure, optimised & sustainable CloudOp's.


Leverage each other’s knowledge to ensure technical and business outcomes are achieved.


Embed specialised squads to migrate with velocity.


Maintain security controls prior, during and after migration.


Ensure your Op's teams are truly cloud-native and DevOps enabled.


Ensure ongoing evolution with prolific cloud developments.

Let’s work *together

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