Manage & optimise

Ensure the ongoing stability and success of your
cloud environment, with a deep focus on continuous
cloud security.

The cloud journey does not end with migration. Designing and implementing great solutions is only the first step in
an ongoing lifecycle of constant innovation – ongoing management of these solutions and ensuring they remain
secure is critical to business success.

We provide customers with ongoing support in their CloudOps journey, offering a secure, comprehensive solution
that’s tailored to their needs. SXiQ provides the full spectrum of cloud infrastructure managed services including
managing platforms, landing zones, workloads, operating systems, databases, applications and underlying networks
helps you drive more value from cloud by helping you combine your cloud operations into a single view, under
a single program, at speed and scale.

By shifting the operation and maintenance of part, or all, of the cloud ecosystem to SXiQ, your team are free to
focus on driving innovation and strategic initiatives to fully realise business possibilities.

Cloud ^Platform

Ensuring your cloud platform – including hybrid and edge components – operates as a single platform.

Database ^Administration

Management of your application databases and platforms including IaaS and PaaS instances across OpenSource, Oracle and SQL.

24/7 ^Service Desk

Managed IT services that manage and rectify issues quickly, helping you focus on your core business needs.

Cloud ^FinOps

Continuously optimising the organisations investment and expenditure in cloud services to meet business demands and enable ongoing innovation.

Let’s work *together

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