All over Australia – and the world – workplaces are changing. Employees, now living in a digital world, expect increasing flexibility and freedom when it comes to when and how they work. Employers must now cater for the needs of a very diverse workforce which spans several generations, and IT teams must manage increasingly complex and disparate IT systems and infrastructure, which has grown organically in line with both the business’ and employees’ needs.

While much of the focus over the last few years has been on customers – and on delivering very positive and engaging experiences – businesses are now realising the importance of focusing on employees; realising that happy customers are in many ways the result of a happy and engaged workforce.

Putting people at the center of the business is important for several reasons.

Firstly, by giving people the tools to do their best work, businesses can achieve far greater productivity – which has important flow-on effects in terms of profit.

A recent study, for instance, suggests that companies which invest in employee experience are 4 x more profitable1. In fact, with the right tools and processes at hand, businesses can achieve a:

  • 10% increase in safety and compliance
  • 10% increase in employee productivity performance
  • 8% increase in workplace satisfaction
  • +20% increase in employee job satisfaction
  • +20% reduction in costs through automation

So how should you go about putting people at the centre? And what’s involved?

At SXiQ, we can help by implementing what we call an Intelligent Workplace solution.

This can incorporate various elements, including:

  • Devices– Empower your people to work anywhere with the latest Windows 10 Pro devices, powered by Intel.
  • Collaboration – Enable innovation and collaboration with cloud-based software such as Microsoft Office 365.
  • Security – Facilitate flexibility and freedom with the latest security services, software and support.
  • Insight – Put vital insights at everyone’s fingertips with SXiQ’s Intelligent Hub, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power BI.
  • Automation – Save time and money by using intelligent bots to automate manual processes.
  • Managed Services – Reduce complexity and workload for your IT team by outsourcing your Intelligent Workplace technology to SXiQ.


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