Vision Australia, in close partnership with SXiQ, have enabled their new staff to easily and quickly complete HR onboarding using Nintex for SharePoint process automation.

“SXiQ has delivered a superb process automation solution, saving our HR team hours every day & improving our digital employee experience.”

Chief Information Officer


Vision Australia has strategically commenced investing in an Intelligent Automation framework to support its employees into the future.

As an extension to this framework and capability, Vision Australia’s HR Team have recognised an opportunity to automate various transactional process components to its current employee onboarding journey.

SXiQ Digital, as the Vision Australia’s key Intelligent Workplace Support Partner, provided a solution to meet this HR process automation requirement by leveraging the existing organization’s Document Central functionality.

The key outcome Vision Australia was seeking, was the introduction of process automation into the employee recruitment and induction journey.

The Challenge

  • Complex requirements, multiple documents, and processes to automate.
  • Paper-based and manual processes and required human intervention
  • Legacy HR systems that provide little workflow and no automation.

As part of a broader project to modernise their digital employee experience, Vision Australia identified the opportunity to reduce the manual, transactional processes undertaken to onboard new staff members.

There were multiple documents and manual processes involved in the existing HR onboarding process which required SXiQ to discover, design & implement the new process automation system. Compliance requirements demanded fully automating the onboarding of IT systems and core systems.

The Solution

  • Design the site architecture and Landing page environment
  • Creation of document templates leveraging existing document central functionality
  • Development & deployment of HR onboarding process automation.

SXiQ worked closely with Vision Australia to implement the following elements of the solution;

  • Designing the process flow and details of the document input;
  • Leveraging the existing organisation’s Document Central functionality.
  • Creation of Document Templates for the Onboarding
  • Site architecture and Landing page Design
  • Build, Configuration & set up of Nintex licensing, workflow, forms & security
  • Provisioning & build of assets for the SharePoint Site
  • Training the HR Team & Technical Training for the IT Team

The Results

  • One environment for the end to end recruitment and onboarding process with the automation of process flows and compliance requirements.
  • Reduction in time & complexity for candidates, new staff, existing HR Staff and IT.
  • Simple design consistent with the organisation’s Document Portal, designed for a high population of low vision & blind users.

Vision Australia, in close partnership with SXiQ, has enabled their new staff members to quickly & easily complete the onboarding process in one central location.

HR Staff have experienced a drop in manual transactional processing and recruitment and onboarding completion rates have increased by 40%

The solution has reduced cost and improved the employee experience for candidates and employee onboarding, new staff members and the existing HR team

Vision Australia’s key objectives of automating the employee recruitment and induction journey were met.  Vision Australia’s next initiatives are facilitating other elements of the employee’s lifecycle


Download HR On-Boarding Process Automation Use Case­ here

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