“We worked in partnership with SXiQ to build an innovative integrated application & cloud platform, which accelerated our innovation releases & helped keep us at the cutting-edge of information management”

SXiQ transforms customers IT Operations into a modern DevOps team whilst completing a cloud-native application modernisation project to transform legacy infrastructure & applications into a cloud-native Microsoft Azure solution.

Decipha can now rapidly deploy the integrated application and cloud infrastructure update cycles with minimum costs and at high speed.


Decipha is a leader in the Australian information management industry.  Decipha is wholly owned by a renowned Australian brand, their national footprint means their technology and services have to stand up to the demands of customers relying on the trusted brand.  Decipha’s priority is to optimise the way organisations receive & manage large volumes of information.

As a result of aging infrastructure and application, platform Decipha was beginning to suffer a slowdown in innovation with its customers and their ability to stay at the cutting-edge of information management.

Decipha turned to SXiQ and worked in close partnership to develop a transformative solution which combined the strengths of their Application development team with SXiQ’s Cloud DevOps expertise to create an entirely new technology platform along with an entirely new way of delivering innovation & IT services to their customers, accelerating their speed-to-market for key innovations whilst radically reducing innovation release costs.

The Challenge

  • Legacy platform impeding innovation, difficulty updating customer products
  • Inability to deploy rapid, simultaneous updates to applications & infrastructure
  • Ineffective, expensive administration of legacy technology platform

The customer needed to retire their legacy hosted infrastructure and applications for their Secure Document Management (Filebound) product. Their goal was to innovate more rapidly and to remain at the cutting-edge of document & information management in Australia. They required faster-speed-to market for new offerings, improved stability and resilience, which is delivered in a highly secure, scalable manner with a modernised IT delivery model.

The Solution

  • Integrated Application & Cloud infrastructure platform using native Azure services.
  • Leveraging the right, smart public cloud services for continuous update cycles Application modernisation to improve customer experience.
  • Consumption-based, secure scalable model.
  • Provision of a Multi-Tenant SaaS service operated and delivered by the customer, fully managed by SXiQ

SXiQ developed an innovative integrated design incorporating the build of the customer Admins release patterns with cloud infrastructure releases. An Enterprise DevOps service model was implemented to help them modernise their technology delivery model. The solution entails:

  • A full Microsoft Azure deployment utilising modern cloud services.
  • Application Modernisation of Core Document Management Service.
  • Consumption-based, secure, scalable cloud model.
  • Integrated application deployment into infrastructure so the customer could rapidly deploy CI/CD application code updates.
  • Product configuration services to integrate key system components, improving functionality & enhancing the end customer experience.
  • Integration of Microsoft Advanced Cloud SEIM & SOC services into the cloud platform.

The Results

  • No software licensing costs
  • A best practice, agile, enterprise CI/CD model enabling rapid and simultaneous Application & Infrastructure updates.
  • Fully codified infrastructure and application deployment model.

SXiQ has enabled Decipha to implement a cloud-first strategy achieving their goal of rapid value realisation through swift innovation capability, significantly improved platform stability and security; ultimately improving their customer experience whilst at the same creating a best practice, agile, enterprise CI/CD model enabling rapid & simultaneous Application & Infrastructure updates. The benefits include:

  • The business operating from a modern, flexible cloud platform.
  • A highly secure and always-current platform.
  • Ability to provide rapid update cycles driving significantly faster innovation.
  • Consumption-based service offering with much reduced costs.
  • Minimum ongoing administration required.

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