Considering the COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) outbreak, your organisation has most likely already moved your people to work remotely from home.​ Working from Home (WFH) can introduce new security concerns, challenges and gaps in collaboration technology such as telephony and process automation. ​  Are you facing any of these questions over your organisations’ WFH setup?

  • Are your remote desktop foundations stable?
  • Are your people confused as to whether and how to use Skype or Teams?
  • Is your Teams Governance out of control / established at all?
  • Are your data & networks properly set up for secure remote access?
  • Is your Intranet in a state to effectively deliver regular, rapid and relevant corporate communications to your team?
  • Are your processes cumbersome & time consuming now people are working remotely?
  • Are you able to quickly enact automated policy agreements with your people?

SXiQ has a specialist team to assist your organisation WFH more securely, enable effective and efficient collaboration and ensure your workforce is engaged and supported.​  A light touch consult from the SXiQ team will either confirm your set up is optimal & provide you with comfort and confidence or deliver expert help to sure up your systems and uplift your collaboration, security & productivity.


Get in touch for a chat about how we can help you to elevate your WFH set up to provide a seamless level of IT business continuity at this uncertain time.

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