SXiQ (formerly, Southern Cross Computer Systems), has officially unveiled their new company & brand, breathing new life into their organisation & repositioning themselves in an industry, where they have delivered end-to-end IT infrastructure & national business solutions for the past 36 years!

As part of their commitment to inspire others & engage their community, SXiQ have partnered with PonyUp for Good & SecondBite, securing themselves an industry leadership position by providing themselves and their clients the opportunity to make a significant impact to the environment and to food insecurity across Australia, using only their decommissioned technology. Turning Old Tech into New Life!

Backing their commitment to the cause, SXiQ have set goals to redirect 1500 kilos of tech for reuse or recycle & to donate 250,000 fresh meals to SecondBite over the next 12 months!

We’re inspired to be working with John Hanna & his whole team!

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PonyUp for Good is a Social Enterprise. We take your company’s donated, decommissioned technology – securely data erase it and on-sell, with a ‘reuse first mandate’.

Devices feel good about themselves as they’re reused for up to another seven years, providing affordable, working technology to folk in developing countries, while keeping toxic chemicals out of soil & waterways.

The MAJOR KICKER – 50% of PonyUp’s profits are donated to SecondBite, Australia’s fresh food crusaders, who last year, rescued 10 million kilograms of fresh food and redistributed it to over 1300 food programs nationally. That’s over 55,000 healthy meals a day.

Did you know we create 20 MILLION tonnes of e-waste every year? We also throw away $8 BILLION dollars of fresh edible food while 2 MILLION Australians go hungry.

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