Cloud integrator SXiQ and SAP specialist Acclimation have come up with a solution to help customers migrate their on-premises SAP workloads to the cloud before an end-of-support deadline hits.

SAP announced in 2014 that it would end support for on-premises versions of its ERP software by 2025, encouraging customers to migrate to SAP’s own S/4HANA.

SXiQ and Acclimation said more than 400 Australian customers will be affected by the deadline and have offered to help them make the move.

While there’s still more than five years remaining before support ends, the SAP migration process can become complicated once businesses start uncoupling the various components of their environments that have accumulated over the years.

SXiQ and Acclimation have developed a solution for migrating from SAP’s ECC on-prem software to S/4HANA by bundling cloud and SAP transformation services together, managed by a unified team.

The two companies start by assessing the existing SAP system combined with validating the “to be” state of the new S/4HANA environment, for example company code and organisational setup, active and inactive modules, customer code, interfaces, impact analysis with new business process, simplification list and Fiori use.

Once that’s done, SXiQ and Acclimation help customers size their environments and map out their infrastructure requirements using cloud visualisation technologies. After that, the two design the customer’s cloud migration for the new SAP environments.

Acclimation managing partner Cameron Sherrard said: “The SXiQ partnership allows us to provide a deeper engagement, that we know our clients are looking for, with one partner able to bring expertise in migrating SAP systems from SAP ECC to S/4HANA and the other, specialised in cloud consulting, advisory, implementation and operation services, delivered all under one banner.”


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