Digital transformation is an irreversible growth trajectory with endless advantages and possibilities for the future. It also has its fair share of challenges. Businesses need robust and cutting-edge infrastructure in a world that is pivoting to digital technologies at unprecedented speed, all under the unforgiving eyes of ultramodern consumers.

Paul Virilio, the French cultural theorist, urbanist, and philosopher, stated that the future of humankind would be shaped by one thing: speed. Those who could yield, unlock, develop, or employ speed would rule. Now, two decades into the 21st Century, we are seeing Virilio’s vision of the world laid bare before us. Self-healing infrastructure might be the key to flourishing in this world.

Self-healing infrastructure can future-proof businesses with speed via automation. Today, any disruption of a service is amplified. This is risky for companies to the point of existential danger and generally antithetical to what consumers and clients expect from a 21st-century operation.

Unreliability is a non-option. Real-time solutions are essential to compete.

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