SXiQ and online provider of workflow automation solutions Nintex, have developed a solution to an unfortunate problem caused by COVID-19.  In response to compliance requirements from the government for organisations to claim the JobKeeker Allowance, Nintex & SXiQ have created an automated process to enable organisations to quickly & easily become compliant to receive the payments each month.

A time-consuming process is now required for employers to notify each eligible employee of their intention to claim JobKeeper.  Employees must then accept that they have been nominated and this exchange needs to be kept as a record by the Employer for potential future auditing by the ATO.

Nintex has created a template that provides a solution to this requirement, which automates the communication of intention to claim the JobKeeper payment, the acceptance by the Employee & filing of the record.

SXiQ EGM of Digital Cameron Smith describes this simple solution as “a huge help for Finance & HR teams grappling with this new administrative nightmare. This manual process automation can unlock vast time and cost savings for organisations who are desperately needing cost optimisation solutions at this time.”

It is estimated that to manually implement this compliance process will take 10 minutes per employee.  The SXiQ/Nintex Process Automation solution enables this manual process to be done automatically, saving an organisation of 500 staff, 83 hours of manual administrative time.

One of the major airlines in Australia is using this exact solution for its 20,000 staff so this system can provide a simple solution even at a large scale – unlocking a saving of 3,333 hours of time.

This solution will take SXiQ 1-Day to deploy and will provide a quick and easy solution to this new problem.  Existing Nintex customers can leverage their Nintex licensing allowance for this, new customers can access this solution using the baseline 10 Workflow package, which can be started with a 30-day trial license.


Please contact me to get our team underway to quickly set this solution up for your organisation.

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