“Our new executive dashboards solution delivers a simple, clean & meaningful experience for our Executive Team to make informed business decisions”

Power BI at the heart of the solution

SXiQ enabled the Executive Team of Vision to make informed business decisions by using Microsoft Power BI to develop simple, clean, and meaningful dashboards.


A custom Drupal-based portal was being used to host critical business KPI reports, metrics, and dashboards for operational management.

A key concern was that this solution would not be sustainable in the longer term so a mainstream and contemporary alternative was being sought, one better aligned to the broader Technology Solutions architecture.

The engagement with SXiQ was to assist with bringing Microsoft Power BI into the applications ecosystem via architecture, configuration and integration of the solution, and the development and building of dashboards to cater for 20+ complex analysis reports using various data sources.

Crucial to the project was ensuring that the interpretation and bringing together of source data was correct to generate meaningful dashboards, as well as meeting Accessibility requirements (for Blindness and Low Vision Users).

The Problem

  • Decentralised storage of reports and critical business data
  • Legacy, custom technology was hard to maintain and extend
  • A high population of blind or visually impaired employees with Accessibility requirements not being optimally met

Legacy reporting was built using custom Drupal dashboards with bespoke legacy SSRS reports. These reports were overly complex and time consuming to update and maintain.

The new solution needed to be enterprise strength to underpin broader organisational reporting requirements in the future and designed with accessibility guidelines in mind to cater to a high population of visually impaired staff.

The Solution

  • Set up and configuration of Microsoft Power BI in the applications ecosystem
  • Development of dashboards covering 20+ complex KPI reports and dashboards using data from various sources
  • Introduction of standards and governance structures

With a hybrid infrastructure environment in place and a mix of on-premise and cloud applications, a key requirement for bringing Power BI on-line into the ecosystem was for it to be hosted in Microsoft’s Australia based data centre to ensure data sovereignty.​

SXiQ worked closely with Vision to develop the dashboards. A key challenge for the team was the interpretation of the data being used for the current reports and how best to translate that into the new dashboards from a presentation perspective. Significant testing also had to be done by the Team to ensure the dashboards met Accessibility requirements.

The Results

  • Microsoft best practice hybrid infrastructure set up and configuration of Power BI online meeting data sovereignty requirements
  • Enterprise strength technology foundation for organisational wide reporting requirements
  • High adoption and uptake by the Executive Team of the new Accessibility centric dashboards

Vision, in close partnership with SXiQ, has enabled the Executive Team to make better and more informed business decisions through the new simple, clean and meaningful dashboards developed using Microsoft Power BI.

Vision’s key objective of successfully recreating 20+ KPI Reports and Dashboards in a new contemporary manner was met.

The project has laid the foundation for Power BI to be the enterprise platform for all organisational reporting and Analytics for the future.


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