SXiQ has enabled Dairy Australia to implement a new Intranet that provides a centralized source of truth for all organisation digital resources.


SXiQ is a collaborative partner who understood our short and long-term needs to deliver a successful project.

 Digital Coordinator, Dairy Australia

Utilizing the power of Microsoft SharePoint and LiveTiles to create a brand-new Intranet.


Dairy Australia were looking to revamp their Intranet which was lacking personalisation and the functionality they needed to engage their workforce.
Their current Intranet was only being utilized by very few business functions and they wanted an Intranet that would encourage interaction and collaboration, enabling dynamic and easily-manageable content sharing, allowing staff to customize based on their individual preferences.

Leveraging Microsoft SharePoint and LiveTiles Intelligent Intranet, combined with a collaborative and think-outside-the-square attitude, the new Intranet met Dairy Australia’s business & governance requirements.

The Challenge

  • Outdated content with no ownership for updating
  • Decentralized storage of documents, information and news for employee information and technology interactions
  • Requirement for a simple but effective Intranet that encouraged engagement and buy in from employees

Dairy Australia’s existing Intranet lacked customization and personalization. It didn’t connect with staff, proven by the fact that very few business functions utilized it. The content was outdated and there was no ownership over updating the existing documents. The search functionality was limited, and it wasn’t scalable on mobile devices.

Through open and honest professional dialogue, Diary Australia and SXiQ were able to focus on implementing an Intranet built to meet the business requirements of project leaders, business objectives both short and long-term and portfolio governance.

The Solution

  • Series of Discovery Workshops to understand pain points, determine vision & strategy & design ideal Intranet environment.
  • Implementation of LiveTiles Intelligent Intranet to foster collaboration, manage content and effectively categorize discussions.

Dairy Australia engaged SXiQ, one of Australia’s leading providers of
Digital Employee Experience and Microsoft Office 365 implementations, to implement a new Intranet using LiveTiles Intelligent Intranet and SharePoint online.

SXiQ conducted a series of workshops to determine the vision and strategy of Dairy Australia, to understand their pain points and to create a collaborative environment, working with the team to map out the requirements and benefits of using Office 365/ LiveTiles.

The primary objective of the collaborative approach was to build a new Intranet for Diary Australia that provides a centralized source of truth for all organization digital resources.

The Results

  • Responsive and customizable Intranet
  • Centralised source for engaging workplace stories, news, announcements and staff updates
  • LiveTiles Social Media Tiles enabled interactive social networking services for private or group collaboration

Dairy Australia, in close partnership with SXiQ, have created a collaborative engaging Intranet that is responsive and customizable based on region and/or staff profile.

The solution provides a one-stop-shop for any business service requests and provides a centralized source for engaging workplace stories, news, announcements and staff updates. The solution enables dynamic, easily managed content updates and searching by Dairy Australia internal staff and contributors.

Through a collaborative and think-outside-the-square attitude, SXiQ were able to deliver on Dairy Australia’s short and long-term intranet objectives of achieving operational efficiencies and becoming more digitally enabled.

Customer feedback

“The team at SXiQ was fantastic to work with. A collaborative partner, they understood our short and long term intranet needs and objectives, working quickly and beside us throughout the implementation process. The project  was completed successfully and this is a great example of a successful collaboration.

Specifically, Chander’s personal attention, and connection to the project proved to be invaluable. He acted as a guide and advisor with a think-outside-the-square approach and ‘yes we can do it’ attitude that helped us develop an open and honest professional dialogue focussed on outcomes.”


Download Dairy Australia Case Study here

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