“SXiQ stepped into the breach when we needed it most and helped us to recover
quickly and efficiently, minimizing the impact on our business.”



SXiQ was recently called on to assist a Client who had been affected by a CryptoLocker Virus, which affected all of their systems, impacting their desktop machines.  SXiQ assisted in the recovery from this event, augmenting the Client’s own small IT team with 14 SXiQ team members to provide emergency IT Support & Edge Computing services.  The SXiQ team was responsible for rebuild and restoration of all laptops and desktop machines for a geographically diverse workforce of staff.


The Challenge

  • Emergency virus infection needed immediate support to recover desktop services for 80 Staff.
  • Creation & coordination of a team of 14 technical resources at short notice, during weekends and public holidays.
  • Geographically diverse workforce.

An SXiQ client recently had an emergency requirement for IT support to assist with recovery from a CryptoLocker Virus infection they had suffered.  SXiQ created & coordinated a team of 14 desktop engineers who took responsibility for rebuilding 150 workstations from 80 Client staff, in a time-critical situation, working nights, weekends and public holidays to bring the Client’s staff back to full operation.

SXiQ had no contract in place for prior IT services with this Client but prioritised the assistance to sure up their IT operations in this emergency situation.  Due to the mobile & geographically spread nature of the staff network, SXiQ set up kiosks in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, for staff to bring their machines in to be rebuilt & reconnected.

The Solution

  • Creation of ‘War Room’ team and office of 14 x SXiQ resources who worked round the clock to bring the Client back to operation.
  • Development of tools to rapidly rebuild workstations remotely and on-site to a minimum viable state.
  • Creation of Support Kiosks in three states to provide service to mobile staff.

SXiQ developed tools to assist in the rapid remote deployment of apps, rebuilding desktop operations and VPN connections.

SXiQ took on the recruitment and coordination of all technical resources, allowing the Client to focus on remediating their core infrastructure, while our team took care of the recovery of all desktop operations.  SXiQ provided a high level of internal customer service with remote, on-site and kiosk services, enabling Client staff to be repaired in a way that suited them and their geographical location.

The Results

  • Recruitment and coordination of 14 resources to provide augmentation to the Client IT team in an emergency situation.
  • 2-week turn-around.
  • Efficient, streamlined rapid rebuilding of 150 machines, helping 80 staff.

SXiQ provided rapid, efficient and creative IT resources to assist our Client to recover from a significant virus infection incident.

SXiQ enabled the Client’s IT team, to focus on remediating infrastructure operations and data recovery while our team took care of the Edge computing requirements of their team, who are geographically spread around Australia.

The Client was back to full IT operation 2 weeks after the incident.

Download the CryptoLocker Emergency Edge Computing Recovery Project Use Case here


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