One of Australia’s largest financial institutions has selected IBM and SXiQ, an IBM Company, to assess, migrate, and modernise their application stack

A leading Australian financial institution has engaged IBM and SXiQ to assist one business division in migrating and modernising their application stack. The division faces challenges maintaining their current technology assets, resulting in multiple legacy applications. The environment also has a well-defined lifespan, with three years remaining for these business applications.

The division has engaged the IBM/ SXiQ cloud migration and modernisation team to provide Project Services to remediate the above risks and help lower operational costs for their current application landscape.

This program looks to meet the following three key goals:

  1. Address technology currency risk and vulnerability risk.
  2. Reduce operational risk including security.
  3. Minimise operational cost.

The IBM/ SXiQ team was selected for this project after successfully demonstrating deep expertise and a reputation for quality delivery in highly complex application transformation and modernisation projects.

​​​​​​​Our experts recommended a phased approach with two distinct Statements of Work (SOWs) to better estimate the overall delivery requirements and manage risk. The two phases include:

  1. Phase one: Detailed discovery of complex applications in the existing landscape. This included a technical assessment of each application and provided understanding on how to modernise and upgrade the application and migrate to Microsoft Azure cloud. Phase One included discovery and high-level design.
  2. Phase two: Design & Application Migration. This included transforming the application(s) as applicable (modernise and transform) and migrating to the Azure cloud.

Through completion of a successful Phase One – detailed discovery and recommendations for how to treat each application – we were able to confidently demonstrate our ability to deliver Phase Two – Design & Application Migration. Our experts clearly defined how each application should be modernised and provided a detailed migration plan for moving to Azure cloud, giving this financial institution confidence that the team would deliver against deadlines and objectives.

Through our partnership with IBM, we showcased start-up speed and agility with enterprise skills and scale – backed by IBM’s global capability. We were also able to demonstrate our collaborative nature through partnering with the financial institutions existing suppliers, incumbents who will be supporting the migration project alongside IBM and SXiQ.

This project of work provides this division in the leading financial institution with a deeper understanding of their application stack, with actionable and informative recommendations for migration to Azure cloud. The benefits of this work include:

  • Creation of a logically sound plan for migrating applications to cloud.
  • Identification of areas of incompatibility of applications and/or technologies with cloud environments and steps to remediate.
  • Simplify and reduce ongoing IT hosting costs and service complexity, whilst accelerating the ability to innovate quickly across business units.
  • Reduce operational costs and compliance and outage risk.
  • By modernising applications and platforms, the business will have faster access to data and insights.

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