“We are confident that the SXiQ designed, AWS solution has reduced risk & cost and improved data availability to end users. ”


Acciona had a requirement to provide high availability of their unstructured data structures to support the continuation of business operations in the event of a major outage to the primary data centre facility.


  • Data Centre File Service at risk of an outage.
  • The requirement to move to highly available services.
  • Need for support sub 10-minute outage to the platform.

Acciona has an existing File Service hosted within its primary data centre that supported critical business functions.  The business required these services to be highly available and support sub-10-minute outage to the platform in the event of a loss of primary services.


  • Fault tolerant file service.
  • Leveraging asynchronise replication of the large data sets from on-premise VMWare into AWS storage

SXiQ developed multiple solutions to address Acciona’s business problem, with the AWS option selected based on its competitive cost model whilst the replica isn’t being used and alignment of the solution to Acciona’s existing work processes.

The solution was a fault tolerant file service leveraging asynchronise replication of the large data sets from on-premise VMWare into AWS storage.


  • Removed impact to the production of normal back up protection functions.
  • Low ongoing operational cost model.
  • High availability of large unstructured datasets

Ability to make existing large unstructured datasets available to end users.  Provide very low ongoing operational costs to maintain the standby services whilst production was operating normally.  Provide a mechanism to perform normal backup protection functions to the replication service to remove impact to production.  Microsoft Storage Replica service can be implemented leveraging AWS instances of Windows Server images.


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