Implement & secure

Seamlessly leverage cloud technologies to innovate faster
and deliver greater value sooner.

In the era of the information-driven economy, businesses are eager to harness the power of data to innovate
faster and improve customer engagement through application modernisation and digital transformation.

SXiQ’s innovative team can help you to harness the full potential of these technologies, building secure, scalable, cost-
effective cloud platforms.

We work with you to design and build the right foundation services within your cloud tenancy to ensure it not only
aligns with best practice but also efficiently supports your business requirements now and into the future.

Landing ^Zone

We have developed design templates used to deploy scalable foundations for AWS and Azure rapidly, without the need for extensive and costly detail requirements. and design activities.

DevSecOps ^Automation

Design and implementation of automation tools to simplify how cloud is deployed and managed.

Containerisation ^Deployment

Design and implement scalable Kubernetes platform using Azure, AWS and OpenShift technologies.

Identity ^Management

Systematic management of any single identity and authentication, privileges, authorisation, and roles of the enterprise boundaries.


Identify and prevent serious threats and vulnerabilities from disrupting business operations.

Dynamics CRM ^& Bus Central

Integrate Dynamics 365 and Power Platform with other systems for seamless data flow and automation.

Power ^Platform

Unlock the potential of the Microsoft Power Platform for enhanced agility, user experience, efficiency, supportability, and repeatability.

Let’s work *together

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