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Navigate the opportunities and challenges of the cloud
and find the right path forward with cloud assessments,
portfolio planning, organisational readiness and strategic
advice and guidance.

Interested in evolving your cloud journey but not sure how to extract the most value?

If you’re looking to implement a strategic plan and achieve more benefits from your cloud ecosystem, SXiQ can help you determine the best way forward.

We provide consulting and advisory services to help our customers create, articulate and define implementation, migration and modernisation, optimisation and enablement strategies that support their broader business objectives.

Through a range of cloud assessments, we focus on simplifying your business problem, helping you understand where your business is in the cloud adoption journey, with actionable and informative strategies and recommendations that are easy to adopt and execute.

Workload ^Assessment

How suitable are your workloads for migration to the cloud? Identify and prioritise workloads that are most suitable for migration, accelerating cloud adoption.

Landing ^Zone

We have developed design templates used to deploy scalable foundations for AWS and Azure rapidly, without the need for extensive and costly detail requirements. and design activities

Portfolio ^Planning

Provide a platform to manage cloud-based applications across their entire lifecycle.

VMWare on Cloud Assessment

Develop and plan for migration of workloads on existing on-premise VMWare platforms to cloud deployment.

Containerisation Assessment

Analyse the characteristics of each application to identify the value of moving to a microservice architecture, containerisation, and how best to do so.

Application ^Assessment

Gain a complete understanding of the targeted applications and associated infrastructure by evaluating applications to determine the best way to migrate or modernise them for the cloud.

Cost Optimisation ^Assessment

A rapid, multi-phased approach to identifying and delivering savings in your cloud and DC environments.

Cloud Operations ^Assessment

Review and prioritise your cloud operations activities, identify maturity gaps, and conduct a RACI analysis.

Cyber Security ^Assessment

Evaluate the security posture of your cloud-based infrastructure, applications, and data to identify and mitigate any risks.

Identity Management Assessment

Determine, set and secure user access allowances to protect internally from security threats.

Tenancy ^Assessment

Assess your Office365 Subscription within your tenancy and determine the most appropriate tenancy model for your specific needs, based on how resources and infrastructure are shared among users.

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