About Us

For over 35 years SXiQ has delivered end-to-end IT infrastructure and business solutions that have helped our customers keep pace with the demands of their ever-changing business environments. Our customers value our long-term experience in providing IT infrastucture solutions and services. Today, SXiQ brings together diverse technologies, multiple manufacturers, consulting expertise and provides customer focused solutions.

Who’d have thought that in the modern day, networking, infrastructure and end user devices could all be offered as a service? With such rapid changes in technology it’s a relief to know that one company can handle the alignment of your IT priorities under a single banner. With our “as a service” model, you’ll be able save on the total cost of ownership whilst achieving greater productivity, readying you for the ongoing competitiveness of the digital age.

For over 35 years SXiQ has withstood the rigours of the technology industry by continually innovating to present the best possible solutions for our customers. Our range of IT services on a consumption based model includes cloud, data, security and the end user experience.