About Us

Our Mission

To create lasting digital change for our customers, through the power of our people, our ideas and our energy!

Why Us 

Our customers value our services because:

  • We bring deep digital transformation experience to solve complex customer problems
  • We challenge convention and deliver innovative solutions
  • We move with velocity, helping our customers achieve their business success
  • We walk in our customers shoes, allowing us to focus on their business outcomes
  • Integrity and transparency are at the core of how we operate

Our Differentiators

Its about our People and Methodology and how we apply that to Technology Solutions.
SXiQ have assembled the very best cloud team in the country and we combine this capability with our unique methodology and technology, allowing our customers to:

  • Collaborate in ways they never imagined
  • Adopt and harness the transformative power of the cloud
  • Stay secure in an ever-changing technology landscape

Our Approach

Our Approach centers on:

  • Being inquisitive and challenging convention – delivering innovative ways of thinking to our customers
  • Applying intuitive, human-centered design in everything we do
  • Providing intelligent, insightful solutions to help our customers deliver smarter, faster and more efficiently and;
  • Simplifying the complexity of technology for our customers, ultimately making IT invisible